Vaginal Suppositories

The Necessity of Vaginal Suppositories

The vagina has its own "friendly" germs. They are called normal flora and as the term says, their presence in the vagina is normal! Their number is very large and among them there are fungi, hemophilia of the vagina, staphylococci, streptococci, lactic acid bacteria, etc. The environment of the vagina is acidic (pH 4-4.5), which is due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria. Changes in the acidity of the vagina and flora occur in several cases: during the normal cycle, by taking antibiotics, during menopause and during pregnancy. These changes make the area vulnerable to infection by germs or to over-proliferation of already existing normal flora (eg fungal vaginitis after taking antibiotics), leading to vaginal inflammation.

For this reason, women should regularly take care of the sensitive area because the hygiene and chloride of the sensitive area is ensured.

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