Fillerina Grade 3 Dermo Cosmetic Filler Home Treatment for Moderate Wrinkles 2x30ml

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This Dermo-Cosmetic Treatment Plumps Up Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Adds Volume.

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Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Filler Home Treatment Grade 3 for Moderate Wrinkles

Packaging: 2x30ml

14 doses (2 ml) of Gel Filler

14 doses (2 ml) of Nourishing Film

2 precision applicators


Fillerina dermo-cosmetic replenishing preparation for at-home use is a topical cosmetic product to be used for 14 days.

The key action is performed by Fillerina Gel which is applied using a special applicator with truncated tip on areas with depressions such as wrinkles and expression lines and on specific areas that require plumping (cheekbones, lips).

The formulation of Fillerina Gel associates 6 different types of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights (from 400 Dalton to 2,000,000 Dalton) and structures, which have a dermo-cosmetic replenishing action on the skin.

Grade 3 is recommended for skin with visible appearance of relaxation and sagging and to fill moderate wrinkles.

It will contour/ plump the cheek area to create an uplifting effect.

More smaller molecules to work into the wrinkles.

Panthenol Extra Face And Eye 24h Cream
Apply a small amount on clean skin with gentle circular motions until fully absorbed.

Panthenol Extra Face Cleansing Gel
Apply a small amount on wet face. Rinse thoroughly.



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