Fillerina Grade 3 Dermo Cosmetic Filler Home Treatment for Moderate Wrinkles 2x30ml

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This Dermo-Cosmetic Treatment Plumps Up Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Adds Volume.

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Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Filler Home Treatment Grade 3 for Moderate Wrinkles

Packaging: 2x30ml

14 doses (2 ml) of Gel Filler

14 doses (2 ml) of Nourishing Film

2 precision applicators


Fillerina dermo-cosmetic replenishing preparation for at-home use is a topical cosmetic product to be used for 14 days.

The key action is performed by Fillerina Gel which is applied using a special applicator with truncated tip on areas with depressions such as wrinkles and expression lines and on specific areas that require plumping (cheekbones, lips).

The formulation of Fillerina Gel associates 6 different types of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights (from 400 Dalton to 2,000,000 Dalton) and structures, which have a dermo-cosmetic replenishing action on the skin.

Grade 3 is recommended for skin with visible appearance of relaxation and sagging and to fill moderate wrinkles.

It will contour/ plump the cheek area to create an uplifting effect.

More smaller molecules to work into the wrinkles.

Drink two glasses of water before using Fillerina® Filler Treatment to enhance the product mechanism

Use Fillerina® Filler Treatment once (morning / evening), every day during the first 14 days

Take 1.5 to 2 mL Gel Filler with an applicator found in the Fillerina® Filler Treatment package and apply to the desired area. (Wrinkled area, expression lines and cheekbones and lips area)

Leave on the face and neck for 10 minutes to make sure the active ingredients have absorbed into the skin. If possible, apply while lie down and avoid moving face to keep the product stays at the targeted area.

Use the tip of your fingers to lightly tap the applied area. Use the product wisely. Product may cause the skin feels tight.

Next, take 1,5 – 2 mL Nourishing Film with a different applicator, also included in Fillerina® Filler Treatment package and apply to the face and neck area. Fillerina® Nourishing Film may not suitable for oily skin. Only use when skin needs extra treatment, if acne appears, stop usage.

Clean applicator after every use by rinsing with lukewarm water.

After the first 14 days of Fillerina® Filler Treatment, continue with daily care treatment for 14 days to get the maximum result.

To get best result, repeat the treatment every 3 months after 1 month of Fillerina® Filler Treatment and Daily Cream usage. Or use Fillerina® Filler Treatment 3 times in a year.



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