Face Masks

Eye and face mask with anti-oxidant properties and natural ingredients. Face and eye masks are among the most popular cosmetics for women that you can find in any woman’s beauty bag. For a more complete care of your face, you can choose a moisturizing face mask among big brands but also face masks with honey, yoghurt aloe and ingredients for moisturizing and glow, against acne and for balancing oily skin.

The Best Face Mask Products for Women

Rejuvenate your face with a face mask with natural ingredients for moisturizing, firming, cleansing and scrubbing. Face masks look after your skin giving it a fresh and glowing look. They are available from the biggest brands, also available in the form of scrub for face peeling which removes blackheads leaving your skin clean and firm. You can find face masks with honey, green clay and other ingredients which help oily skin and protect it from spots, all at very competitive prices. Natural lifting for your face using a mask that respects your skin. At fotopharmacy.com you will choose from a variety of products the most suitable day cream or face mask that you skin needs.

Apivita Face Mask Firming with Royal Jelly 50ml
Apivita Face Mask For Firming & Revitalizing 50ml
Apivita Face Mask For Line Reducing With Grape  50ml
Apivita Face Mask Gentle Cleansing with Pink Clay 50ml
Apivita Face Mask with Green Clay 50ml
Coverderm Luminous Exfolia Scrub With Vitamin C 50ml
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