Coverderm Peptumax Eye Cream Gel Total Anti-Wrinkle Anti-e-Aging 15ml

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It Offers Anti-irritant Action.

Hydrates Skin Deeply.

Visible Improves Skin Elasticity.

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Coverderm Peptumax Eye Cream Gel Total Anti-Wrinkle Anti-e-Aging

Packaging: 15ml


Revolutionary combination of advanced technology ingredients and peptides that mimic the skin defense mechanisms! Peptumax combats all four main causes of wrinkles! e-aging Alpha-Glucose & Lespedeza Capitata Leaf / Stem Extract: two modern active ingredients of natural origin.

They are a pioneering bio-complex with stunning, synergistic antioxidant action. Effectively prevent and protect against e-aging by actively fighting the oxidative stress caused by blue light and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by all electronic devices. Gel Eye Cream Gentle Cream-Gel especially designed for the sensitive area around the eyes. It reduces spectacularly fine lines and wrinkles, even the deepest ones, caused by age, facial expressions, photoaging and e-aging.


Ophthalmology tested.

Clinically tested action.

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