After Sting

There are several ways to get rid of it all from the excruciating itching caused by mosquito bites.

Treat the stings as soon as possible, to reduce the chances of severe itching. Especially parents should intervene immediately when a mosquito bites their child to relieve itching and prevent the worst.

As much as possible, avoid scratching with your fingernails as this will make the wound more vulnerable to infections.

What to do
Clean the area with alcohol or if you have sensitive skin wash it with soap and water or chamomile that has antiseptic properties. Apply an ice pack (wrapped in cloth or paper) to reduce swelling. The use of certain herbs relieves the unpleasant itching. Rub a leaf of the aloe plant cut in half on the bite area.

It is recommended to avoid smearing on children's skin with chemicals. Ideally you can use for children products that contain natural ingredients such as calendula, vitamin E and grape extract.

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