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For the Winter

A common feature not only of humans but of all living organisms on the planet is the struggle for survival. Proper preparation for dealing with the changes of the weather depending on the season has an important role in this. Winter with very low temperatures and adverse conditions is the most dangerous period for the threat of health. Birds migrate to warmer regions, bears hibernate, bees feed their babies with royal jelly, and mammals, including humans, provide adequate nutrition for their young, especially newborns, who are fed colostrum.

It would be very practical and beneficial to be able to adopt all these habits to ensure the best possible state of our health in winter. However, for many reasons it is practically impossible to move constantly or sleep for so many months! But what is not at all difficult is to take care of the adequate nutrition of our body and the strengthening of our immune system using royal jelly and colostrum!

Both are concentrated forms of nutrients that contribute the most to the nutrition of the body. Royal jelly is a product of bees and is a source of a wealth of vitamins and elements such as the complex of B vitamins and calcium and potassium, enzymes and amino acids. In addition, it strengthens the immune system and helps stimulate white blood cells, greatly strengthening the body's defenses. Colostrum contains a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and antibodies and is intended to "build" and strengthen the baby's immune system, protecting it from a variety of diseases. Their high nutritional value has led to the need to make dietary supplements, of which they are the main ingredients.

At Fotopharmacy, take advantage of our offers and discover products which are useful and necessary in winter, in order to protect your body and tone up your body. Products which are suitable for the whole family and be adequately prepared for this difficult for this difficult year period.

A.Vogel Drosinula 200ml
A.Vogel Drosinula 200ml
Aboca Fitonasal 2Act Nasal Spray 15ml
Aboca Golamir 2Act Throat Spray 30ml
Aboca Grintuss Pediatric Cough Syrup 180gr
Aboca Propol2 EMF Throat Spray 30ml
Frezyderm Nazal Cleaner Allergy 0.9% NaCl  30ml
Frezyderm Nazal Cleaner Cold Spray 30ml
Frezyderm Nazal Cleaner Moist 30ml
Myelements Immuneed Rub Balm 50ml
Pharmasept Kid Care Eucalyptus Patch 6pcs
Physiodose Physiological Saline Solution Ampoules 1+1free 60 Ampoules
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