Infant - Children

The sun offers many benefits. However, we must be sparing towards it because of the UV rays that have harmful effects on the health of the skin, as they accelerate its aging, can cause irritation and in the long run lead to skin cancer.

How to protect your children from the sun?
1. Try not to be exposed to the sun between the hours of 10.00 am and 03.00 pm. Otherwise, even if they play in the yard, then put some sunscreen on them. Ultraviolet rays pass even the clouds so they need protection on cloudy days.

2. Wear light clothing for your children and make sure they are not exposed to sunlight. Place your hand under the garment, if you do not see it, then the garment is capable of absorbing sunlight. Especially for babies under six months, in which you can not use sunscreen, the only way to protect yourself, if you can not avoid sun exposure, is to cover their body with clothes.

3. Use sunscreen. What you need to pay attention to when buying sunscreen is the protection index. The protection index must be higher than 15. You must also choose a sunscreen that states that it protects against UV rays A, B (UVA, UVB).

How to use the sunscreen properly.
A. Apply the cream 30 minutes before sun exposure. Do not forget to smear your lips, hands and ears.
B. Apply sunscreen again if the child enters the sea or sweats a lot. Also reapply sunscreen after two hours.

Sun is undoubtedly necessary for our lives. Protect your children all year round from harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is not visible to human eye and which can prove harmful for their sensitive skin. Discover at Fotopharmacy unique products and choose the most suitable for your child’s increased needs. Find products which are easy to use and water resistant.