Reducing Appetite

Our appetite is affected by both organic factors and our diet.

Specifically, the brain has a part called the hypothalamus that is responsible for controlling the sense of appetite and satiety.

In particular, the hormone leptin is produced in the fat cells of the body and by acting in the hypothalamus, helps to suppress appetite.

Overweight people usually have insulin resistance, so they do not feel full easily.

As much as it may impress you, new research has shown that recurring eating disorders, such as eating a fatty caloric food 1-2 times a week, could increase leptin secretion by adipocytes, leading to a reduction in appetite.

In addition, the regulation of appetite can be done by applying the frequency of meals (every 3 hours), as it controls the secretion of gastric fluid in the stomach, the well-known purr and hypoglycemia (excessive reduction of blood sugar levels) which are the main indication of hunger. and depletion of energy reserves.

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