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It is now known and commonly accepted that multivitamin supplements stimulate and strengthen the body. For this reason, and given the current rhythms of life, which end in mental and physical exhaustion as well as an unbalanced diet, you consider their use necessary.

What are the benefits?
Multivitamins effectively cover the nutritional deficiencies resulting from an unbalanced diet due to the intense and demanding lifestyle, restoring the body to good physical condition. They help to deal with the problems associated with poor nutrition such as fatigue and weakness while ensuring health and vitality.

What is good to contain?
Vitamins of the B, C complex, calcium, magnesium & iron that contribute to energy production & reduce fatigue.
Vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12 & folic acid, selenium, zinc & iron help boost the immune system, while vitamins A, C, biotin & zinc help maintain healthy skin.
Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus help maintain the good condition of bones & teeth, and finally selenium & zinc help maintain the good condition of hair & nails.

In what cases are multivitamins needed?
-To students who read and do not eat properly
-In slimming diets
-To those who exercise intensely
-In the elderly mainly in the winter months
-To employees who lead a sedentary life
-Those who do not eat properly, make messy meals

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