Menarini Sustenium Plus 22 sach.

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Ideal for Periods of Intense Fatigue and Strain.

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Menarini Sustenium Plus 22
Packaging: 22sach
Worn out of energy?
Fill your batteries with SUSTENIUM PLUS, a nutritional supplement that stimulates whenever you feel fatigue and exhaustion. Its exclusive composition contains more than 5g of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, which give you extra energy - "plus" - when needed.
SUSTENIUM PLUS is ideal for meeting the needs of everyday life as well as the increased needs seen in alternating times and in times of intense fatigue and strain when energy stocks are not enough. Sustenium Plus can be used by athletes during athletic preparation or after training and / or by anyone during periods of physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs. At the same time, it contains vitamin C contributing to strengthening the immune system.
No dyes and artificial fragrances.
With real orange flavor.
Ideal for periods of intense fatigue and strain.
During the changing of the seasons.
For physiotherapy / rehabilitation.
Its composition makes it suitable for use before and after training.

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