L-lysine is an amino acid that is not produced by our body and is obtained either through diet or supplementation. L-lysine has an excellent effect, among other things, against the herpes virus as it acts in competition with L-arginine, another amino acid, "food" we could say about the herpes virus. Early intake of L-lysine in conditions of onset of herpes virus symptoms helps to reduce them and speed recovery. In addition, taking L-lysine in combination with vitamin C, keeps our immune system "high", reducing the chances of recurrence of herpes virus symptoms in the future.

Administration of 300-1,200 mgr (in pills) of L-Lysine to treat the virus is considered sufficient. L-Lysine supplementation is especially recommended for vegetarians and those who have removed dairy products and legumes from their diet. At the same time it can help prevent osteoporosis. Lack of L-Lysine from the body leads to greater loss of calcium in the urine. Milk and its products are rich in Lysine, while bread is poor. That is why the combination of milk and bread is excellent.

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