Swiss Medicus

Swiss Medicus

Nature around us is a part of our lives, just as we humans are part of the nature.

From time immemorial the power of natural medicine has provided us with protection and strengthening of our body and soul before the illness occurs… and if it happens, it helps us to heal faster.

Nature and Switzerland are closely connected. Switzerland is a beautiful country in the Alps, the highest mountain ridge in Europe, where people really appreciate the nature for centuries. Switzerland was officially founded as a federation in 1291 in the historical city of Schwyz based on the idea that the demanding life in unique, beautiful and rough mountains connects people of 4 different nationalities.

The Swiss have known well and used the power of herbs extensively for healing diseases. Vast meadows and pastures of beautiful Alps have been and still are inexhaustible sources of medicinal herbs for their inhabitants.

Ancient pioneer in the use of phytotherapy as a natural medicine was a renowned Swiss scientist and herbalist called Paracelsus, who had a great respect for herbs from the native Alps.

They were not just beautiful at sight to him but, above all, hid the mysterious healing power that he was able, thanks to his vast knowledge, to use in favor of many, even seriously ill, people, which was once considered a great miracle...

Paracelsus thus laid the historical foundations of contemporary modern phytotherapy, which is an officially recognized branch of medicine in Switzerland today. This branch also has its specialized medical institute that educates and certifies physicians to specialize and effectively use all available medicinal herbs.

Phytotherapy has become for many a way to maintain or even restore their health and is therefore currently in Switzerland the most popular form of supplementary treatment for classic “Western medicine”.