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The Best Toothpaste Products

Modern toothpastes are quite different from those that were in circulation until a few years ago. While toothpastes used to contain only a few basic ingredients to help mechanically remove plaque from the tooth surface during brushing, the new generation toothpastes contain many specialized ingredients to treat specific dental problems such as gingivitis, sensitivity, but also to make it more enjoyable to use through better taste and appearance. They are essential for your personal dental care.

The variety of different toothpastes that we find today available in supermarkets and pharmacies, makes it difficult to choose when we have to choose the best for us or our children. The confusion is exacerbated by the fact that each company uses different ingredients for the same problem.

Toothpastes now offer preventive action against caries and gingivitis, therapeutic action against sensitivity or bad breath, or aesthetic action for teeth whitening. However, we must keep in mind that not all toothpastes are suitable for everyone, for example, if you have a problem with dental hypersensitivity and choose a whitening toothpaste with a high abrasion index, your problem will probably worsen.

Especially for toothpastes for teeth whitening, it should be emphasized that the best whitening toothpaste is not the one that will make our teeth all white (because this is impossible to do, at least in a safe way) but the one that will offer a few tones whiter teeth without cause damage to the enamel or irritation of the gums and with the most sustainable effect possible.

Finally, we must remember that even the best toothpaste will be almost useless if we do not brush our teeth properly.

Toothpastes have improved. Choose at Fotopharmacy from a wide variety of products which fight dental plaque, tooth decay and gum inflammations or special toothpastes which, among other things, whiten your teeth, sooth inflammations in the mouth cavity and are suitable for sensitive teeth. Discover brand name toothpastes with special ingredients which enhance your teeth’s natural ability to reconstruct. Effective toothpastes which friendly to people and the environment.

Colgate Periogard Plus Toothpaste 75ml
Curaprox Black Is White Toothbrush CS 5460 & Whitening Toothpaste 90ml
Curaprox Black is White Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste 90ml
Curaprox White Is Black Toothbrush CS 5460 & Whitening Toothpaste 90ml
Dr. Organic Tea Tree Toothpaste 100ml
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