Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft 40 Years Retro 2 Toothbrushes

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Toothbrush with Curen filaments!

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Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft 40 Years Retro 2 Toothbrushes

Packaging: 25gr

When it comes to protection against cavities and periodontitis, the most important aspect of the CS 5460 has to be its bristles. They’re unbelievably fine, just 0.1 millimetres across, and rounded at the ends. What’s more, they’re not made from nylon, but Curen, which makes them especially effective. They’re so fine that we couldn’t call them bristles, they’re filaments. And we didn’t just use a thousand like standard toothbrushes: there are an impressive 5460 filaments, densely packed together. This creates a cleaning surface like no other, all on
an ultra-compact, easily angled head: so you can reach every bit of your mouth. Plaque’s worst enemy is a big softie: the CS 5460.

Here’s a half-truth for you: brushing your teeth is about brushing your teeth. The other half: brushing your teeth is also about caring for your gum line, also known as the sulcus. This is a fine groove between your teeth and your gums. This area has to be kept clean, as bacteria can easily set up shop and cause a lot of problems: periodontitis, tooth loss. That’s why it’s a good idea to use the CS 5460: its fine filaments gently and effectively clean the sulcus without causing any injury - as they’re so fine.

Recommended for daily use.
Brush teeth always with circular or vertical moves, so as not to damage enamel!