Philips Sonicare HX6062 / 10 Optimal White Typical Sonic Toothbrush Heads 2pcs

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Up to 100% whiter teeth in just one week.Advanced cleaning to remove stains and whiter teeth!

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Philips Sonicare HX6062 / 10 Optimal White Typical Sonic Toothbrush Heads

Packaging : 2 Spare Toothbrush Heads

Up to 100% whiter teeth in just one week

Advanced cleaning to remove stains and whiter teeth

2 pcs.

Normal size


BrushSync function coupling

Up to 7 times better plaque removal compared to a conventional toothbrush

High quality dense bristles remove up to 7 times more plaque than a conventional toothbrush.

Diamond-shaped bristles for 100% whiter teeth within 1 week

Dense W2 Optimal White diamond-shaped bristles remove stains caused by food and drink from the tooth surface. You will notice a whiter smile up to 100% *, in just 7 days.

Automatically selects the optimal mode for top results

You will always have the best possible cleaning with the BrushSync pairing function. The head of the Philips Sonicare W2 Optimal White toothbrush is synchronized with the handle of the Philips Sonicare toothbrush with BrushSync capability, selecting the optimal brushing function and the optimal volume level for excellent whitening. All you have to do is start brushing.
You always know the replacement time. You always enjoy an effective cleaning.
The effectiveness of the brush heads decreases after 3 months of use, but BrushSync. Reminds you before that happens. The smart toothbrush monitors how often and how intensely you brush your teeth and will let you know when a replacement needs to be made. Don't have the smart Philips Sonicare toothbrush? Just watch the blue replacement bristles, and when they turn white, you will realize that it is time for a new brush head.

Tested to meet oral hygiene needs

All Philips Sonicare brush heads are safe and gentle on the teeth and gums. During the tests, the abilities of each head are tested to ensure durability and excellent performance, every time you brush your teeth.

The dynamic cleaning action leads the liquids between the teeth

The brush head and the Sonicare handle are the perfect combination. By enhancing sonic technology, they provide you with unparalleled cleaning. High-velocity vibrations on the toothbrush handle create up to 62,000 brushing movements per minute, mixing the toothpaste to create cleansing microbubbles that run deep between your teeth and the gum line for excellent cleaning.

Buttoned design for easy installation of the toothbrush head

The W2 Optimal White brush head fits perfectly on all Philips Sonicare toothbrushes except PowerUp Battery and Essence. Just fasten and unbutton it for easy replacement and cleaning.