Curaprox CPS Prime Start 09

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Interdental brushes with holder!

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Curaprox CPS Prime Start 09

Packaging: 25gr

These are the finest little brushes on the market – for the particularly easy and effective prevention of caries in the side teeth, gingivitis and periodontitis. The quality of a CPS prime brush makes a single cleaning movement sufficient: once in and out. Done.

The CPS Start interdental brushes are unique: they are made with thin CURAL wire for maximum resistance with soft, long Curen fibers that cover the interdental space better than any other.

Available in five standard CPS sizes, all compatible with the UHS 409 and UHS 470 handles. With a new pack with two handles to meet every need. Just click and start.

Two handles for every need
The large handle offers much better access to the rear teeth. Choose the one that suits you.

Easy use
To use the brush, simply place the handle, click on the input and remove.
Incredibly simple and healthy.

Click system
All brushes fit on both handles.

Recyclable packaging
The packaging is now recyclable: one part can be recycled as PET, the other as cardboard.

Recommended for daily use.
Brush gently between teeth. Not to be used over 5-6 days.
Use may vary according to use and prescription!