Curaprox CPS 507 Soft Implant Refill (Orange)

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Interdental brushes for implants!

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Curaprox CPS 507 Soft Implant Refill (Orange)

Packaging: 25gr

Specially designed interdental brushes with thin and long fibers, for gentle cleaning of large areas after periodontal treatment and for implants. The CPS soft implant series is intended exclusively for such cases.

Accessibility:> 2.0 mm / Efficiency: 7.5 mm

After a periodontal treatment and after implant placement, the gaps are much larger than before. The CPS soft implant interdental brushes are designed to gently clean large gaps thanks to very thin and extremely soft fibers that reach everywhere.

The fibers reach all the difficult areas between teeth and have perfect elasticity. They open to fill in the interdental spaces and clean effectively thanks to the "umbrella" system.

Plastic coating: these interdental brushes also protect the sensitive surfaces of titanium implants.
High level of durability: The special design of the thin wire, excludes premature breakage and guarantees shape stability and long life.
"Click" system: Intermediate implant brushes fit all handles.

Recommended for daily use.
Brush gently between teeth. Not to be used over 5-6 days.
Use may vary according to use and prescription!