About Us
Caring for your baby and our surrounding world... The skincare expert for babies' skin for nearly 70 years, we carry out new research in an on-going effort to imagine the best possible care products, giving the priority to ingredients of natural origin. We are concretely committed to protecting the environment and our planet, while always preserving our values - those of a family business that continues to design and produce its products in France, with love.

Mustela cares
Mustela is committed to healthy skin from birth on* and chooses to use safe, effective ingredients, with a focus on natural ingredients.
*Including babies out of neonatology.

95% ingredients of natural origin
Mustela gives priority to ingredients of natural origin, with an average of
95% natural ingredients, in its babies-children products,
98% in its products for very sensitive skin and in its diaper change products.
The remaining % are texture, stability and preservative ingredients that are guaranteed high tolerance and have no safe and effective natural counterparts.
*Excluding seasonal references and maternity products

Safety (Ingredient safety policy)
We ban a RED LIST of ingredients from our formulas with restrictions that go beyond the European regulation - already known as one of the strictest and safest in the world.

Tested (Dermatologist tested)
In order to ensure about our product tolerance and allergenic potential evaluation, Mustela carries out more than 450 measurements and tests on each product before its marketing to ensure its quality, safety and efficacy: Mustela carries out in vitro tests on models of baby skin of different ages (a patented worldwide exclusive called Stelaskin) to validate the tolerance of its formulas before testing them in real conditions of use on infants under 1 month old and babies.

70 years of continuous research in dermatology
For 70 years, Mustela of Laboratoires Expanscience has been conducting research programs in Dermatology with world-renowned scientists, to better understand the skin of babies, children, expectant and new mothers, and thus meet its specific needs. Mustela® has discovered and scientifically demonstrated that babies have different skin types from birth:
Normal Skin, soft and supple, which needs moisturizing and protecting every day
Dry Skin, which needs nourishing and protecting
Very Sensitive Skin, prone to redness and stinging, which needs soothing and protecting
Atopic-Prone Skin, prone to extreme dryness and itchiness, which needs replenishing, soothing and protecting.

59 scientific communications and 14 patent.
Mustela conducts dermatological research programs honored by international scientific recognition On the physiology of babies’ skin, from the 1st days of life, to always better understand its specific needs.
On atopic dermatitis to better understand the causes and mechanisms, and propose effective solutions, especially with regard to prevention.
On the mechanisms of interaction between the skin and the brain (neuroscience) to understand the essential role of skin and skincare regimens in the brain and motor development of children from birth.

B Corp
Mustela is proud to be part of the B Corp community since May 2018 and to be the first French dermo-cosmetics brand to be Certified B Corp.
B Corp is a pioneering and demanding international label awarded to brands that demonstrate three-way economic, social and environmental performance as part of a periodic assessment and that develop their activities with a positive impact on society and the environment.
B Corp is also a community of more than 2,000 companies around the world that share the same humanistic vision of the economy and that integrate the general interest into the heart of their economic model, thus combining economic performance with social, societal and environmental requirements.

With B Corp, Mustela strengthens its 4 pillars of commitment:

• The guarantee of naturalness and safety of its products, which today contain 95% ingredients of natural origin on average and exclude questionable ingredients.

• Respect for the environment with 100% eco-designed products and 100% responsible plant supply chains.

• Investment in Dermatological research for more than 60 years, in order to better meet the needs of the most fragile skin of pregnant women and children from birth.

• Proximity and support for young parents to contribute to the proper development of the child and the relationship with his or her parents.

For Mustela, B Corp enshrines and reinforces 60 years of commitment to the health and well-being of its young parent and health care professional communities.

Expanscience Laboratories
In 2018, Expanscience – a French independently-owned pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory – generated turnover of €260.9 million, 66.8% of which was through exports, and employed 1107 people.

Over more than 60 years, the company has built up a solid international reputation as an innovator and as a specialist in skin and the treatment of osteoarthritis. Its products, which include two leading brands – Piasclédine 300 and Mustela – are sold in nearly 120 countries (16 subsidiaries and 101 distributing countries). Expanscience develops and also sells natural-origin active ingredients for use in cosmetics, both in France and abroad.

Helping people to remain in good health – to retain their mobility and keep their skin healthy – has always been central to the group's growth strategy.

Driven by its desire to support healthcare professionals in their prevention and advisory work, and in their role of keeping people informed, Laboratoires Expanscience have set up numerous initiatives designed to keep patients and consumers educated and informed, and enable them to share their experiences.

The whole value chain is integrated into the company – from research through to production and distribution.
Its cutting-edge research, which is focused on cartilage and the skin's barrier functions, has resulted in 977 patents being registered throughout the world. The group's production facilities are located in Epernon at an ISO 14001-certified site, and are designed to have minimum impact on people and the environment. Expanscience's commitment to ensuring high levels of quality and manufacturing its products in France are central to the influence that it has at international level.

Since 2004, Laboratoires Expanscience has adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility approach. This is a policy whereby raw plant matter supplies are sourced in ways that do not harm the farmers and the countries that produce them, and a more environmentally-friendly approach to product design is adopted.

Expanscience is the first pharmaceutical and cosmetics laboratory whose contribution to sustainable development has been recognised as exemplary by the AFAQ 26000 assessment since 2013.

Date created: 1950
2018 turnover: €260.9 M
101 distributing countries
16 subsidiaries
1107 employees
60 million products manufactured in 2018
Activities: Dermo-Cosmetics, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Cosmetic active ingredients
More information:

The Mustela Foundation
Since 1982, the Mustela Foundation has been committed to improving the quality of life of children and families around the world.

The arrival of a child is an upheaval in the life of any family and parents can have a lot of questions. The Mustela Foundation provides them with information guides and fun media (quizzes, games, interactive videos, etc.) addressing many topics relating to their concerns. Pregnancy, childbirth, returning home, prevention against domestic accidents and even children’s sleep issues are discussed.
All Mustela Foundation content is validated by childhood professionals: pediatric nurses, psychologists, midwives or pediatricians, in order to guarantee its accuracy and the regular updating of the information supplied to families.
Find all the media dedicated to parents on Foundation Mustela's website

For more than 35 years, the Mustela Foundation has been supporting research. Every year scholarships are awarded in psychology, psychiatry, pediatrics, neurology, sociology and history.
The Mustela Foundation also awards numerous prizes, including the Maieutics Prize, which marks its commitment to midwives in France and Europe, and the annual Social Pediatrics Prize, which recognizes projects for the benefit of children and their families.
Focus on some examples of projects supported by the Mustela Foundation
PORTUGAL: support for mothers in socio-economic difficulty
TURKEY: renovation of a youth center in Istanbul
FRANCE: funding of Paro, a therapeutic robot in the form of a plush seal, to combat pain and reduce the anxiety of children treated in a hospital pediatric ward.
And last but not least, the Foundation helps people in emergency situations. In 2017, for example, it supported the Peruvian Red Cross for families affected by the floods in March in the north of the country.

Discover the actions carried out by the Mustela Foundation

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