The Best Hydration Products for Children | FotoPharmacy

Keep your children's skin hydrated with products ideal for this job! Moisturizer for children should be considered non-irritating. This is controlled by special methods of measuring the breakdown of the skin barrier. The product label states "hypoallergic" and "dermatologically tested".

Choose moisturizers that have a neutral pH

The term pH balanced or neutral is used to refer in parallel with the pH of the skin.

Make sure they contain small amounts of preservatives to prevent the growth of germs and the risk of skin infections.

Choose moisturizers that have a mild, light scent or no scent at all

Moisturizing cream should not contain alcohol (referred to as "alcohol free" on the label). Alcohol can lead to dry skin and irritation. It is also referred to as ethanol or ethyl alcohol. The "fatty alcohols" they contain (usually Cetearyl alcohol and Cetostearyl alcohol) are used in moisturizing skin creams without any problems and should not be confused.

Choose moisturizers with a small number of chemicals.

Ingredients such as paraben, phthalate, phenoxyethanol should not be included in children's moisturizers. The fatty ingredients of moisturizers for children are best derived from vegetable oils such as almond oil, avocado, and not from the paraffin derived from oil.

Check the warning creams on the label of the moisturizers that may be listed and the time the product is kept after opening. If your child has eczema or other skin conditions, it is a good idea to discuss with your pediatrician the type of moisturizer you will be using.

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