Almiron 3 Nutricia Specially Designed Milk Drink For Infants From 6-12 Months

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For a healthy immune system

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Almiron 3 Nutricia Specially Designed Milk Drink For Infants From 6-12 Months

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Infant milk for healthy infants from 6-12 months.

Babies need as much protection as you can give them.

Breast milk is the ideal food for the baby. Consult your pediatrician in case you start a diet with foreign milk.

Its composition is specially designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of the second half of the baby's life which differ from those of the first five months.

For a healthy immune system

The first three years of life are crucial for the development of your baby's immune system. That is why it is important to continue to protect your baby, after breast milk, with a baby milk that contains Vitamins C & D that help the normal development of the immune system.

The product is part of a differentiated diet and is not a substitute for breast milk but a milk specially adapted for feeding infants from the 6th month.

The frequency and amount of meals of the baby depends on his age and weight. The following table is indicative. Follow your pediatrician's instructions carefully. Normal dilution: 100ml of ready-made Almiron 1 milk are prepared by adding 3 scoops of powder in 90ml of water.

Wash your hands thoroughly and sterilize the bottle and nipple according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Boil fresh water and let it cool for about 30 minutes at 40 ° C. Add the right amount of water (consult the diet table) into the sterile bottle. Do not use boiled water.

Use only the measuring tape in the box. Always use sharp scales.

Add the right amount of powder to the water according to the nutrition chart. Close the bottle and shake vigorously and vigorously (for at least 10 seconds) until the powder dissolves. Remove the bottle cap and insert the sterile nipple.

Check the temperature of the milk (40 ° C) on your wrist before feeding.