Bathing your baby is a funny experience!
As it lays down, it gives you so much fun when he moves intensively its legs and arms trying to show you that he likes playing with you!

But what happens when it comes to choose what product should we use?
We need to look for a product that is ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, which of course does not cause tears. The shampoo should have soft surfactants and moisturizers, protect against dry skin and cradle cap and can be used daily for baby's bath.Ideally, beneficial ingredients of the shampoo are wheat protein, calendula and chamomile.

You may find a product with shampoo and shower gel that is quite convenient, and if you are looking for someone to wash your baby's buttocks after a bad shower, choose a package with a pump so that you can use it with one hand and the other. to hold the baby.

At Fotopharmacy, discover plenty of brands and products that offer to your baby highest quality cleaning and of course with natural ingredients friendly to its sensitive skin!