Shaving Foams & Gels

The Best Shaving Foams and Gel Products for Men

Shaving is a daily habit for many men but also a nuisance! Men's skin suffers from frequent shaving and tyrannical razors, so it needs care and procedures that will help it stay soft, beautiful and without redness.

Shaving with time difference

Shaving in the morning is usual for many men but when we wake up, the skin is swelled and sensitive so it becomes vulnerable to razor. So it is advisable to shave 1-2 hours after waking up!

Hot Water to protect the skin

The warm water softens and lifts the hair, making shaving easier. The razor "slides" better on the surface of the skin and does not irritate the skin as much as if we used cold water.


Massage before shaving is important. Apply either the foam or the gel and gently massage, which will help to perfume the area and therefore will soften the hair.

Find at Photopharmacy the best products for your skin and feel refreshed, confident and without itches and irritations!