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After Shave

After Shave Skin Care Products for Men

Shaving process does not start and end with shaving - after that it is necessary to use an after shave product, such as balm or lotion, which rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and well-groomed, with a light or not discreet scent, depending on tastes.

Many men are being confused about choosing the right product, leading to the dillema: Balm or lotion?

The difference between balm and lotion is that we mainly use balm to moisturize while lotion's use is for disinfections and perfume, as it mostly contains alcohol. But it's not obligated to disinfect only with alcohol, because nature has designed ingredients which can do the same work without alcohol. You can use both with which series suits you best.

At Fotopharmacy, find out the balm or lotion that suits you better, and be prepared for a well-groomed face, fully moisturized, cleansed and without irritations!!