Hard Skin

Essential Skincare Products for Your Feet's Dry Skin

When we walk or stand, the weight of our body is transferred to the heels of feet and then to the metatarsus (the front part of the sole), where the skin is thicker to accept the pressure without being injured.

When the pressure becomes more intense, then some areas of the skin show calluses, roses and sclerosis, as a reaction of the body to the friction of the skin with the soil, with the shoes, etc. and this is what we call hard skin.

More specifically, due to the constant pressure and friction, the body defends itself by increasing blood circulation. At these points, the skin cells begin to multiply and keratinize.

The result of thickening of the keratin layer of the skin is calluses and sclerosis (hard skin). Hard skin has no pain but interferes with walking. They usually appear on the heel and metatarsus. As a result, there feels reduced sense of touch on the sole while the cracks can be infected by bacteria and fungi.

Frequent care is a determining factor so that you have feet that look nice but also, so that you can avoid various problems. Protect your feet and give them a soft, velvety feel. Moisturize them with special products, which you will find at Fotopharmacy that will keep them in perfect form.