Foot Deodorants

Foot Deodorants to Keep Your Feet Fresh

Sweating is our body's normal reaction to high temperatures. Some sweat a lot, others less, but the sweat that accompanies the stench is annoying. If your feet smell the ways below will help you get rid of foot odor permanently.

1. Wash your feet regularly

The source of bad breath is isobaric acid, a fatty acid found in cheese and beer, which is released by sweat. In order to treat the problem, the cause must be removed. Wash your feet properly, not just by taking a shower, but by using a basin to take a foot bath. It is also important to wash your feet with antiseptic or antibacterial soap, which prevents the growth of bacteria. Rub them with a sponge to remove as many dead cells as you can, so that the bacteria have less food. Don't forget to dry your feet very well after washing.

2. Wear leather shoes and cotton socks

The environment in which bacteria live is something that needs to be taken seriously. Socks and shoes are the best environment for the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath, because they are dark and wet.

Wear clean cotton socks because they absorb sweat better. When buying socks, take a look at the label. Many times they are made of synthetic materials. Make sure the socks contain at least 70% cotton or are 100% cotton.

Wear leather shoes, open or jagged. Stay away from shoes that contain synthetic leather because they aggravate bad breath.

You also make sure to change shoes. Never wear the same pair for two days in a row, as it does not manage to breathe and bacteria and odors accumulate. A 24-hour break is recommended to reduce bad breath.

Finally, before putting on the shoes, put talcum powder inside them or apply a small amount on your feet, as it will absorb moisture and will not allow sweat to come in contact with the skin or fabric of the shoe.

3. Use a foot deodorant

They usually contain aluminum chloride (Aluminum Chlorohydrate) which reduces foot sweat. Apply deodorant to your feet, because washing with antibacterial soap alone is not enough.

See a doctor when:
The bad smell of the feet is very strong and does not subside with cleanliness and change of shoes and socks.
The bad smell of the feet is accompanied by redness, urticaria or even peeling.
The nails have a certain color (yellow, black), their texture has changed, they show streaks or curl.

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