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Hand Care

Hand Creams and Other Hand Care Products for Men

Hand creams are not an exclusive privilege for women. You may use the face cream to your hands, but the truth is that your skin is completely different in these two areas. Your hands are a part of your body that you use every time during the day, so you should always take care of it and include it in your daily care.

How to use hand creams

It is not difficult to use a hand cream. Just be sure to moisturize specific areas on your hands more than others as some of them tend to become more dehydrated. The best way to use the cream is by spreading it first on the back of your hands. Then spread it on your hands and rub well. If you don't want to feel greasy on your hands, then make sure you don't use too much.

Hand creams ideal for men

The creams are not all the same. If you work in an office, then you will need a different cream from someone who does manual work and is constantly out in the cold.

For every occasion, you will find at FotoPharmacy plenty of brands and ingredients (most of them natural) that will make your hands looking healthy and hydrated!

A. Vogel Bioforce Herbal Skin Cream Skin Protector Naturally Nourishes & Softens Protect Dry Hard or Cracked Skin 35g
Avene Cicalfate Repair Barrier Hand Creme 100ml
Cerave ReparatiVe Hand Cream 100ml
CeraVe Reparative Hand Cream 50ml
Eubos Basic Solid Washing Bar 125gr
Eubos Sensitive Hand Repair & Care Cream 150ml
Frezyderm Spot End Hand Cream Anti-Spot SPF 15 50ml
Froika Anti-Spot Hand Cream 50ml
Korres 2+1 Gift Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream with Aloe & Almond Oil 3x75ml
Natura Farm Podia Chilblains Protection & Care Feet Hands And Face Cream 100ml
Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Hand Cream75 ml
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