Humana has been the symbol of modern high quality baby food for over 65 years. The healthy nutrition of children from birth is our personal affair. Naturalness and high quality are our principles. Our vertical production and regular quality controls guarantee the absolute safety of our products.

Humana launched the first breast-fed baby food in the German market in 1950 for infants who are not or cannot breastfeed adequately. Since then we have developed, based on strict ethical, legal and ecological principles, modern and high quality baby food products. Humana is the leading company of special foods, cow's milk-free foods, baby water and HA hypoallergenic baby creams on the German market.

Humana GmbH is part of the Humana Milk Union group of companies, a dairy cooperative with over 6,000 suppliers. Today, it is one of the leading milk processing companies in Europe and produces in its many factories a wide variety of high quality products, such as e.g. fresh milk, butter, desserts, ice creams and cheeses.

Herford has been producing Humana baby food since 1950 and is available in over 45 countries in Europe and around the world. In terms of quality we do not discriminate between domestic and foreign. All products are judged based on our high requirements.

Our story

Humana writes her story

With the release of the first adapted (that is, largely similar to breast milk) baby food, Humana laid a cornerstone in the history of modern baby food.