The EUBOS series has gained the trust of the medical world as its products are recommended by dermatologists. They occupy a leading position in the world market and are available exclusively in pharmacies.


In 1930 the graduate dentist Heinrich Werner Janssen founded his own company. The “Dr. Janssen & Co ”specializes in the manufacture of various pharmaceutical products, for example medicines for those suffering from asthma. The name of his own company, goes into the background when he takes over the company of his partner Dr. Hobein.

1947 - 1958

In 1947 Heinrich Werner Janssen transferred the seat of Dr. Hobein & Co., from Berlin to Bonn at "Meckenheimer Allee 90-91". The new beginning is mediocre. The offices are housed in a cellar temporarily.

1958 - 1971

The product "EUBOS Solid Plate" was introduced to the German market in 1958. Despite the fact that the "solid washing plate, instead of soap" as the common description these days, does not bring any significant turnover yet, the company is growing steadily. In the same year, the transfer to "Dottendorfer Strasse 44-48" takes place.

1971 - 1976

Helmut Werner Janssen takes over the immediate successor of the late founder of the company, on October 9, 1971. Unlike his uncle, Heinrich Werner Janssen, he focuses on the further successful development of EUBOS. Since 1976 the company has grown so much that it is obliged to move to a new building in Meckenheim, which will be expanded several times, always according to the motto: "This time will be the last time".

1976 - 1994

EUBOS proves to be the first in sales.

Almost every two years the range of the EUBOS series increases with new products.

1994 - today

In more than 25 countries around the world, EUBOS care products provide a pleasant feeling to the skin. Especially for very sensitive skin, the EUBOS SENSITIVE series (for sensitive skin) was created in 1996.