Epsilon Health

Epsilon Health

"Nothing human is foreign to us"

In addition to life-threatening diseases, the modern way of life (stress, poor diet) affects the quality of life of the average person and his daily life, ultimately affecting his own health. That is exactly where we focus. This is the place where a group of people with vision and faith in their work can offer by innovating without commitments and concessions to its ideas. The company for this purpose has united the appropriate staff of people (scientists and technicians). Our purpose is to contribute to the betterment of human life.

We want this to be our footprint.

The operation of the company is based on the quality standards set by international standards and current European, laws and regulations, but also on a sincere sense of responsibility towards the doctor-therapist and the consumer-recipient.

In the field of medicine, the company maintains a Pharmacovigilance system in cooperation with the company Medwork in accordance with the provisions of European and Greek legislation.

Finally, we collaborate with Greek and foreign research centers and clinics with the aim of conducting clinical trials for our products and research for new projects.