Doctor's Formulas

Doctor's Formulas

Doctor’s Formulas was founded in 2013 creating health formulas based on innovation and high quality and is one of the fastest growing companies in Greece, with an international presence and export activities worldwide.

Doctor’s Formulas products are the result of many years of collaboration and research by doctors and pharmacists.

The excellent quality of the raw materials, as well as their correct dosage, help to achieve the optimal result. Each product in the series contains natural and herbal ingredients. Thoughtfully and effectively, Doctor’s Formulas products are nutritional supplement formulas that help boost your body in a natural way.

Our only goal is to create specialized and innovative nutritional supplements, of high level and efficiency, to strengthen the body against chronic needs or deficiencies.

Close collaboration with the academic community, high quality standards and deep knowledge of liposome technology are the features of our new business plan!

The innovation of liposome technology is a rapidly growing scientific field, which provides many advantages in the field of dietary supplements. Liposomes are the best biocompatible delivery vehicles with unique properties that include higher absorption and biocompatibility of the encapsulated active ingredients compared to other compositions.

Our mission is to offer the innovation and scientificity of our products to those who want to have a quality of life through the added value of Doctor’s Formulas products and our scientific knowledge.

Doctor's Formulas Optimum Zinc Dietary Supplement 30 Capsules
Doctor's Formulas R-Alpha Lipoic Acid 250mg Liposomal Formula 300ml
Doctor's Formulas Vitamin D3 2500IU & K2 200mcg Liposomal Formula 120ml
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