Teen Acne, Causes and Treatment

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Teen Acne, Causes and Treatment

Teen Acne, Causes and Treatment
Acne is usually a bad experience for teens.
Only 10-20% are the lucky ones, who don’t have acne. 15% of the cases, have many, inflamed and infected pimples. In each case, acne affects teenagers’ psychology, life and relationships.

Sun: Acne’s enemy
Although acne is a very common skin problem, there are many misunderstandings. Teens and their parents, make mistakes on their skin care.

First mistake: sun treats acne.
Sun is a “fake” friend. Sun exposure has antibacterial action and temporarily reduces inflammation that causes the pimples and dries them. But this improvement is temporal and at the end sun has harmful consequences.

The skin wants to get protected from the sun, so it gets thicker. Also, the skin produces more sebum and pores close. When the new school season starts, the
anti-inflammatory action of the sun ends, sebum production increases and gets worst and inflammation starts over. That the reason why in September more teenagers go to the dermatologists.

Three stages of acne
Production of sex hormones, is increased during puberty and causes changes to the body, such as voice changes, more hairs all over the body. Moreover, hormones enlarge sebaceous glands and increase sebum production.

Blackheads and Pimples
When there's too much sebum, the pores become blocked and show up blackheads, white heads and cysts. The black color appears due to the oxidation to air. Be careful, because usually teenagers are impatient and want to get rid of their pimples, so they push them hard and there is danger to irritate or infect them.

Inflammation and Infection
Unfortunately, excess sebum helps grow of certain bacteria, that normally exist in hair follicles, including Propionibacterium acnes. Those bacteria increase pimple’s inflammation.

Acne Treatment
The type of the treatment defers according to the problem.

Many treatments are used at the evening before you go to the bed. You have to be careful, because they may irritate or dry the skin.

In very serious and difficult cases, maybe be there is need of
antibiotics , that are either taken by mouth or applied to the skin. The skin must be cleansed with a light cleanser twice a day, as part of the treatment or to prevent it. Don’t use scrubs, because they irritate the skin.
It doesn’t exist the perfect acne treatment. Some people need only one product and others need a combination of more than one product. Nowadays there no acne type that can’t be treated.


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