Skincare tips - Moisturizing and Peeling the Skin during the Fall

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Skincare tips - Moisturizing and Peeling the Skin during the Fall

Skincare tips - Moisturizing and Peeling the Skin during the Fall

Fall is a season where good skin care is necessary. The skin need to repair all damages that summer caused and also, to get ready for the winter. As days get shorter, temperature falls and the air get drier, the skin loses its humidity, which has to repair and in the same time, has to face all the problems that were caused due to excess sun exposure during summer months. This difficult situation can improve daily moisturizing and peeling.

Moisturizing is the first step for the skin to regains its softness and elasticity both on the face and the body. Skin’s elasticity depends on collagen and elastin, which are decreased during the years and wrinkles show up. These signs of age are accelerated by sunbath and sun exposure in general. But what slows down the process of aging? Moisturizing and peeling slow down or prevent aging.

Choose carefully your moisturizing product, according to your skin type.
For oily skin, creams are not the best choice. It’s better to use moisturizing gel and serums, which do not increase excess sebum production.
For dry skin, choose special products to keep the skin hydrated without losing water.

Fall is the perfect season to:
Change your Face Cleansers
Change skincare cosmetics
Protect your lips
Moisturize your hands

Regular Peeling is a way to face and prevent aging, especially for women over 35 – 40 years old. The exposure of the skin to harmful environmental factors, slows down the skin cell renewal and that’s why peeling is necessary.

There are two types of peeling, natural and chemical.
Natural Peeling: The first and most common way is using special beauty products (scrubs) with creamy or gel texture with
granules, that feel like sand. The products is applied to the skin with small gently movements.
Chemical Peeling: For those who have sensitive skin, it is better chemical peeling. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin usually by the doctor, but there are also treatments at home.


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