Protect Your Hair From Autumn Hair Loss!

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Protect Your Hair From Autumn Hair Loss!

The end of summer often marks the beginning of seasonal hair loss for many people. In the past months, your hair has suffered from the sun, hot air, sea water or even the chlorine of the pool. And ... after all this, seasonal hair loss follows, which can go unnoticed or become intense and scary.

For women, seasonal hair loss is a normal process, as long as it lasts for up to 6 weeks. In summer, the scalp receives many attacks, such as ultraviolet rays and daily shampooing. This reaction of the hair (2-3 months later) is therefore due to these attacks. During hair loss, you lose 2 to 4 times more hair than usual.

But do not panic! Face the problem at its root and you will defeat the autumn hair loss. Dietary supplements and topical treatments (shampoos and lotions) will be your valuable allies. But it is very important to follow a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, as well.

A few words about the hair cycle of life ...
Hair is made up of a protein called keratin, which is produced in the hair follicles in the outer layer of the skin. As hair follicles produce new hair, old ones fall out and are replaced by new ones. On average, an adult's head has about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs and it is normal to lose about 50-100 hairs a day. Therefore, you should not be afraid and believe that you are suffering from tri-hair loss as soon as you see a few fallen hairs on the floor or in your comb.

Prevention is the best treatment!
Whatever the season, you need to know that hair health depends, to a large extent, on the body's balance of nutrients. To prevent hair loss along with a balanced diet, you can take a supplement. Basic ingredients for hair growth are cystine, vitamins B5 and B6, arginine and zinc. These ingredients affect 3 key factors associated with hair loss: Stimulate microcirculation, Strengthen the root and Regulate sebum production.

Local treatments
In addition to the nutritional supplements that work inside the hair, there are topical treatments that work directly at the root. At the pharmacy, you can find lotions with natural ingredients, but also topical treatments based on minoxidil. Studies have shown that this active ingredient increases the life and quality of hair.

Hair Loss Tips
Regular haircuts: Contrary to popular belief, cutting your hair does not stop hair loss, nor does it strengthen the hair in any way. Reducing their length has no other effect than giving a uniform, more "full" visual effect and removing the ugly ends of the head, to enhance the perspiration of the area. You can also do daily massage with your fingers on the head. Increased blood flow essentially nourishes the roots.

Say "No" to Stress: The number one enemy of hair is stress. Along with stress, there are other habits that harm it, such as lack of sleep and smoking. The latter enhances sebum production, dandruff and hair loss. If you feel you need some help, start a magnesium supplement. Magnesium is an extremely precious metal for our body. It helps with insomnia and mild mood disorders such as anxiety, irritability and nervousness.

Choose the suitable shampoo
Consult your pharmacist and choose a shampoo suitable for hair loss. Note that there is no reason to fear that you will lose hair every time you bathe. In fact, the hair we lose during shampooing is already "dead". By shampooing, we simply remove the already dead hairs.

Pharmacist's tips
To avoid severe hair loss, you should treat your hair lovingly throughout the year. Frequent painting, perming, straightening techniques, etc. afflict and dehydrate the hair. Try to limit the technical work on your hair and do strengthening and nourishing treatments often over time. A good solution is to choose a natural dye from the pharmacy.
The solution is holistic! It is not enough to apply a lotion. To have results, you should use a combination of all the above methods (supplements, proper nutrition, topical lotions and shampoos).


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