Online Fitness "Connect" and Exercise

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Online Fitness "Connect" and Exercise

Ten golden rules for safe distance exercise.

Covid-19 disease drove us out of gyms and pilates, yoga and barre à terre studios, and we found ourselves overnight without a trainer. But everyday life has found a way to adapt to the new reality. Social distancing has led to not only new ways of working and socializing, but also exercising: the mattresses have been spread out in the living room or on the balcony and we have learnt to perform the exercises with instructions coming from digital platforms. As time goes on, with the gyms closed or in a state of disrepair, gymnasts and instructors of pilates and other training methods clash over who will become the next star of online fitness. Even dance teachers invite their clients to online classes, seeing that on YouTube you can see people reverently watching the warm-up exercises of top dancers in New York ballet. What to look out for distance teaching, however, carries risks. Performing unfamiliar exercises increases the risk of injury. That is why today it is more necessary than ever to follow, reverently, some rules of safe and effective exercise:

· We prefer live lessons via Skype or Zoom with our teacher to the ready-made videos on YouTube, even if they are signed by internationally renowned gyms and studios. Of course, if we are at an advanced level, then we can try programs that we are very familiar with and just need to hear a voice reminding us of the sequence of exercises - and especially inspiring us.

· We follow our familiar exercises with the trainer we know and trust, and we do not experiment with new methods that we have never tried before. If we have never done yoga in our lives, we will not be able to understand it through ready-made videos, unless of course it is a videotaped lesson that is addressed especially to beginners as an introduction to its philosophy.

· Do not eat before exercise. Yes, the mattress in the living room is only three meters away from the kitchen, but these are the three meters that should not leave us with a heavy stomach. Remember that a period of at least two hours before exercise is required. If we feel very hungry, and provided we do not have a high-intensity lesson in mind, we can eat some fruit or a small cereal bar half an hour before.

· We dress appropriately. We wear what we would wear at the gym. Fitness clothes are made of special fabrics and have the right cuts for our proper workout, we do not wear them for beauty.

· We place our mattress in the appropriate place, which will allow us to open our arms and legs to the side, without hitting the tables or chairs. We have all the necessary instruments next to us, so that we do not waste time from the lesson, to find our dumbbells, rubber or ball

· If we do a lesson with our teacher, we enter the platform on time, so as not to miss the beginning of the lesson, which usually includes warm-up and stretching exercises, which shield the body from injuries.

· We place our screen in the right place, so that we do not have to constantly turn our head to see the details of the exercise announced our teacher. Exercise that is done with the neck in the wrong position is potentially dangerous exercise.

· We have one more reason to be extra careful in exercises that involve the waist, knees and neck, as the trainer, who knows how to help us deal with such an injury, is not next to us.

· Avoid sharp and fast movements, especially if we are not well warmed up.

Interrupt the flow of the lesson and ask for help without hesitating, if we have not understood the exercise well or if we feel any pain or discomfort.

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