Is facial cleansing important?

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Is facial cleansing important?

Facial cleansing is the procedure of removing dead cells and regulating oiliness that aims to treat the face in conjunction with its hydration. It is very important to achieve radiant and clear skin without sebum and scars. The procedure includes exfoliation, sebum removal and skin care.

In which cases it applies:

Facial cleansing should be applied to remove dark spots and dead cells from the skin. The main objectives are:
Acne treatment

Clean skin without black spots
Skin smoothing

Glowing face
Increased absorption of moisturizers by the skin

Best makeup application

How to clean the face
Facial cleansing by a dermatologist involves opening the pores and removing sebum and pimples (blackheads) from the skin. It is important for the cleansing doctor to know what skin damage can be removed.
In case there is trapped sebum, special tools are used to release it. This tool should be sterilized after each use to avoid contamination.

Throughout the cleansing of the face, special measures are taken, such as the use of topical antiseptic and high-frequency current after the sebum is removed.
Facial cleansing can be combined with chemical peeling and dermabrasion with microcrystals. The choice of the above treatments will be made based on the needs of each patient and should be recommended by a doctor.


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