Hair in the sun!

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Hair in the sun!

With special care and great effort you have managed to make your hair look and feel healthy and beautiful. You made them as long as you wanted, your hairdresser gave them the perfect shape, which flatters you, while their color is finally what you have been trying to achieve for so long. It is a pity that all this result is lost, due to pure carelessness, during the hot months under the hot sun, and you find yourself having weak, dull hair, with damaged ends - so you should immediately reduce their length - and with faded color. Take care of them with smart tricks and the right products, to have jealous beachy hair.

See the positive side of things
You can use the power of solar radiation to your advantage. Remember many years ago you put lemon and chamomile in your hair to lighten their color? This practice was effective, but it often made them dry and wild, and that was because it was not done properly. As all things go round and round, this year the "trend" even characterizes hair product lines.

Do it right:
If you want, however, you can make the "right" recipe yourself this time. The flavonoids contained in chamomile are the ones that will affect the color of your hair, opening them a little and gradually, something that applies not only to blondes, but even to darker colors. Put chamomile and lemon in a spray bottle, and enhance them with coconut oil and water, as they contain emollients and care products. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator and take it with you during sunbathing.

Salted curls
In addition to the sun and its strong radiation, your beautiful hair is also threatened by sea salt. The latter of course is contained in some styling products that promise beachy waves, but its proportion there is small, in relation to the elements of their composition, so that they treat the hair and do not leave it dehydrated. So do not be discouraged and leave the salt in your hair. You will see them harden, dry out and lose their natural movement.

Afternoon siesta:
You do not need any tools to make perfect, loose beach curls. All you have to do is take a nap. What more enjoyable after swimming in the sea. After bathing, divide your hair into four, gather the wet ones in buns, which you will fasten with rubber bands-springs, so as not to create intense breaks, and go to sleep. When you solve them, you will have the perfect beachy waves.

DIY: Make your own "dressing"
To have the right sea salt spray, which will give you the perfect beachy waves and will not remove the elasticity and softness from your hair, you can mix the following ingredients in a spray bottle:

1/2 cup hot water
2 tbsp. magnesium sulfate salts (known as Epsom Salt)

1 tbsp. sea salt or Himalayan
1 tbsp. oil (avocado, coconut, almond oil or jojoba oil)

1 tbsp. aloe vera gel
4 drops of the essential oil of your choice, to give aroma

Remember to shake it every time before spraying your hair, so that the different phases of it are mixed, which you will see separated when you store it.

By the pool
If you are the type of pool, then you will already know that chlorine is a great enemy of hair. Your beautiful, bright blonde is in danger of changing to green, something you definitely do not want. If you have white and gray, you are also one of the potential victims of this change.

All time classic:
The pool cap is a solution if it is a sport. If you are particularly interested in your style, you can find trendy hats that will give an air of other decades to your bathrooms. Especially, if your swimsuit is high-waisted, you will complete your look. In addition, once you take it out, your hair will have kept the style you had before entering the water. Alternatively, before going to the pool, you can apply coconut oil to the hair, which will create a virtually invisible cap, which will not allow water to penetrate the scales of the hair and change its color.

The nightmare of humidity
Even if it was only the day, but it is not ... The summer heat is always accompanied by humidity, a thick, suffocating humidity, which does not let you enjoy your hairstyle, since with frizz, hairs fly everywhere.

Change habits:
Maybe it's time to change the way you bathe, leaving out the very "aggressive" shampoos, which give you the feeling of "crispy", which then cover with heavy conditioners and masks, to balance the oils that you have removed. You could even adopt the conditioner bath method - as paradoxical as it sounds - and you will find your hair calmer, without the unruly hairs. If you are not so "revolutionary", just stick to options of mild cleansers and apply a few drops of some oil - maybe coconut - along your hair, which will leave a wonderful scent at the same time.

What to forget
Summer has its own unwritten rules. This is not the time for excessive hairstyle tools. You want to relax and enjoy moments of calm. And be sure that this will also benefit the healthy look of your hair, which will also rest from the heat tools, which undoubtedly bother them.

What to remember
To keep your hair healthy, thick and shiny, boost your diet with foods rich in biotin, zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin B5, as well as vitamins E and C. You can also take a dietary supplement with you. which will ensure that these needs are met and will help other parts of your body at the same time. Choose the one that is right for you, and pack your bags.


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