Good Hair days – Choose Appropriate Hair Products

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Good Hair days – Choose Appropriate Hair Products

Good Hair days – Choose Appropriate Hair Products.

Wonderful and rich hair is what everyone wants. Now it’s your time.
Especially after sun exposure, during the summer months, hair need care and treatment to restore.

Choose Appropriate Products
Move to the side your summer shampoo and choose a pharmaceutical shampoo, that enhances nourishing and repair. Stay loyal to your pharmaceutical hair care products, so to maximize their benefits. If you are having a hair treatment, that your pharmacist has suggested, don’t forget it or avoid any step.

Don’t be afraid to cut them. Their edges are more dry. Take it as a chance to change your look, with totally different haircut.

Hair Colors
When summer began, you didn’t start with that color. After dying your hair, the hair are dryer and more sensitive, but the root is not affected. Your hair dye color needs to have nourishing ingredients , such as biotin, kichir extracts, buckthorn, olive extracts, that enrich the color and make it last longer.

Maybe your new haircut misleads you and makes you believe that now your hair are really healthy, but the need for nourishing and repair still exists. Apply to your hair masks for instance with olive oil twice a week.
Tip: A hot wet towel over your hair, when you apply your mask, will help them to absorb better her ingredients.

Dietary Supplements
Enhance hair’s structure and make hair stronger, thicker and soft. Appropriate dietary supplements are considered proteins, biotin (or B7) , trace elements, zinc and copper , that help keratin production.

Hair Loss
Fall is one of two seasons for hair loss – you lose over 100 hair daily. Don’t get afraid, because it is considered normal.
Enhance your diet with food rich in Omega 3, Vitamin B, Protein, Vitamin C and E, Calcium, Zinc and Iron.
You can find dietary supplements with all above ingredients and combination of them, that will improve hair quality.


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