Calendula - The Weapon Against Skin Irritations

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Calendula - The Weapon Against Skin Irritations

If you use herbal cosmetics, you will surely know calendula.

It is an orange wild flower, related to the daisy, whose actions on the skin have proven to be particularly beneficial.

Calendula grows in Europe, Asia and America.

It blooms in late winter and is harvested from spring to autumn.

Its flowers can be used fresh or dried.

Calendula in cosmetics It has been used for medicinal purposes for a long time and its uses were related to the treatment of peptic ulcer, as well as the relief of stomach disorders and symptoms of the period, such as cramps.

Today it is widely used in cosmetology to relieve skin irritations.

Ways to use

The use of calendula is mainly external and is rarely used in small quantities in homeopathic preparations.

Products containing calendula should be stored in a shady, damp place.

Calendula can be used in creams, oils, gels, compresses and tinctures.

Commercially used in many personal hygiene products such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, creams for conjunctivitis, face, body and hand creams, as well as in wound and burn relief products.


Burns, bruises and cuts

As mentioned above, the main action of calendula is the relief of skin irritations, the closure of wounds and the acceleration of skin healing.

Thanks to the above action, calendula is used for skin ulcers and irritations, for diaper rashes in babies and the elderly, in irritations after shaving, in abrasions and small cuts, but also for the relief of hemorrhoids.

It is suitable for all skin types, for dry and sensitive skin.


According to studies, the use of a cream with calendula helps in the treatment and relief of dermatitis due to radiotherapy.

In addition, thanks to its rich composition in flavonoids, it has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces skin inflammation.

Possible side effects

Calendula is generally considered safe, with no particular skin interactions.

However, people with allergies should avoid it in any form, as it will cause them skin irritation and intense itching.

Calendula should not be applied to open wounds.

Its use in any form by pregnant and lactating women is not indicated, as there are not enough data for the safety of its use in these cases.

Finally, those taking sedatives, medicines for hypertension or have diabetes are advised to avoid preparations containing calendula.


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